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Re: Issues with "prefer IPv6" [Re: Variable length internet addresses in TCP/IP: history]

In message <01OCC10B11TC00ZUIL@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, ned+ietf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx w
> > On 02/23/2012 14:48, Ned Freed wrote:
> > >> On 02/23/2012 13:51, ned+ietf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:
> > >>> Old news perhaps, but an unavoidable consequence of this is that the
> > >>> oft-repeated assertions that various systems have been "IPv6 ready for 
> over 10
> > >>> years" don't involve a useful definition of the term "ready".
> > >
> > >> The OP specified "IPv4 only network." I suspect that if he had IPv6
> > >> connectivity his experience would have been quite different. I happily
> > >> use Windows XP on a dual-stack network, for example.
> > >
> > > And systems running these old OS versions never under any circumstances m
> ove
> > > from one network to another where connectivity conditions change. Riiight
> .
> > Brian already covered "unconditional prefer-IPv6 was a painful lesson
> > learned," and I'm not saying that those older systems did it right. What
> > I am saying is that for most values of "IPv6 Ready" which included
> > putting the system on an actual IPv6 network, they worked as advertised.
> Which brings us right back to my original point: This definition of "ready" i
> s
> operationally meaningless in many cases.
I contend that OS are IPv6 ready to exactly the same extent as they
are IPv4 ready.  This isn't a IPv6 readiness issue.  It is a
*application* multi-homing readiness issue.  The applications do
not handle unreachable addresses, irrespective of their type, well.
The address selection rules just made this blinding obvious when
you are on a badly configured network.

No one expect a disconnected IPv4 network to work well when the
applications are getting unreachable addresses.  Why do they expect
a IPv6 network to work well under those conditions?

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