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Re: [lisp] WG Review: Recharter of Locator/ID Separation Protocol (lisp)

On 15.02.2012 23:31, Thomas Narten wrote:
A WG Review message for this WG already went out a month ago.

What has changed to necessitate another Last Call?

Could the-powers-that-be please make it easier for those who might
care to understand if there is something here that we should know and
possibly comment about?

A simple explanation, or a pointer to diffs, etc. would do the job

I should have sent the e-mail to the ietf@xxxxxxxx list as well.

Looks like you found the e-mail from the WG mailing list later in the thread, so I am not repeating it here any more. Long story short, the IESG members had plenty of opinions about what the working group should be doing, given the recent experience of processing many documents from the working group.

I do agree that it would be useful to post the same message to other places where the review went. Sorry, I missed it in this case (or, to be precise, I was too busy to craft a second message focused on the recharter part only before you took notice...)


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