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Re: UDP encaps for SCTP and SCCP

Hi Lloyd,

I have to object here. :)

On 22.4.2010 13:50, L.Wood@xxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

The GUT draft and recreating IP packets strikes me as problematic in implementation, just as much as NATs. I'd rather have a simple IP-in-IP-tunnel (or even GRE) and rely on decap at the endpoints...

GUT is not problematic, nor difficult. We have it running on Linux and works great. Next we'll put it on BSD (should be just a medium update to the code). I'm hoping to release the implementation as open source sometime in the future.

Our draft could be much better in explaining the idea clearly. The fact that we are "creating ip packets" is due to our implementation being a separate piece of code, a separate service on the OS, easily installed. The functionality could be as well be integrated into the IP stack, but that would be somewhat more challenging.


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