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74th IETF - Early Bird Cutoff - March 13, 2009

74th IETF Meeting
San Francisco, CA
March 22-27, 2009
Host: Juniper

Early-Bird registration cutoff is tomorrow, Friday, March 13 at 17:00 PT
(24:00 UTC). After that time, the registration fee will increase by $150
USD to $785 USD.

Online registration for the IETF meeting is at:

Be sure to make your hotel reservation at the Hilton San Francisco. Hotel information can be found at:

The social event will be held at the California Academy of Sciences, more information can be found at:

New requirements for travel to USA for Visa Waiver Program Participants.
Additional information can be found on our web site at:
http://www.ietf.org/meetings/74/visa-info.html or you can go directly to
ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization)

Only 9 days until the San Francisco IETF!

P.S. An agenda has been uploaded for DCCP. The DCCP meeting is listed currently for Monday currently (although there are on-going discussions about possibly moving the timeslot to later in the day).

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