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Re: WLC for draft-ietf-dccp-simul-open-06.txt

Thanks Tom,

I will read and update the draft, and get back on any comments that I can't see how to easily implement.


Phelan, Tom wrote:
Hi Gorry,

See http://www.phelan-4.com/dccp/simul-open-06-tp-comments.pdf for
suggested text changes, questions and comments.  Changes from your -06
are in red, with deletions in balloons.  Accept what you think is good
and we can discuss the rest :-).

Tom P.

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Subject:  WLC for draft-ietf-dccp-simul-open-06.txt

Hi All,

This is to announce an abbreviated working group last call for
draft-ietf-dccp-simul-open-06.txt.  The last call will close on
19-Dec.  Detailed comments are appreciated, but so are "I've read it
I support" comments.

Tom P.

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