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I-D Action: draft-balaji-l2vpn-trill-over-ip-multi-level-01.txt

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	Title           : Connecting Disparate TRILL-based Data Center/PBB/Campus sites using BGP
	Author(s)       : Bhargav Bhikkaji
                          Balaji Venkat Venkataswami
                          Ramasubramani Mahadevan
                          Shivakumar Sundaram
                          Narayana Perumal Swamy
	Filename        : draft-balaji-l2vpn-trill-over-ip-multi-level-01.txt
	Pages           : 37
	Date            : 2012-08-03

   There is a need to connect (a) TRILL based data centers or (b) TRILL
   based networks which provide Provider Backbone like functionalities
   or (c) Campus TRILL based networks over the WAN using one or more
   ISPs that provide regular IP+GRE or IP+MPLS transport. A few
   solutions have been proposed as in [1] in the recent past that have
   not looked at the PB-like functionality. These solutions have not
   dealt with the details as to how these services could be provided
   such that multiple TRILL sites can be inter-connected with issues
   like nick-name collisons for unicast and multicast being taken care
   of. It has been found that with extensions to BGP the problem
   statement which we will define below can be handled. Both control
   plane and data plane operations can be driven into the solution to
   make it seamlessly look at the entire set of TRILL sites as a single
   entity which then can be viewed as one single Layer 2 cloud. MAC
   moves across TRILL sites and within TRILL sites can be realized. This
   document / proposal envisions the use of BGP-MAC-VPN vrfs both at the
   IP cloud PE devices and at the peripheral PEs within a TRILL site
   providing Provider Backbone like functionality. We deal in depth with
   the control plane and data plane particulars for unicast and
   multicast with nick-name election being taken care of as part of the

   In this version of the draft, we discuss how hierarchical MAC
   addresses can be doled out to the end stations thus reducing the size
   of the BGP-MAC-VPN VRFs in the IP+GRE or IP+MPLS edge devices. We
   also discuss how the MAC-Moves which involve changing the IP to MAC
   address associations where the IP addresses remain constant when VMs
   ot physical servers (without VMs) are removed from one part of the
   network and moved to another even between Trill Data Center sites.

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