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WG Action: Conclusion of Ad-Hoc Network Autoconfiguration (autoconf)

The Ad-Hoc Network Autoconfiguration (autoconf) working group in the Internet Area has concluded. The IESG contact persons are Jari Arkko and Ralph Droms.

This working group has reached a successful termination point. We are very happy with the RFC that has been produced by the working group, thank you for all the hard work that went into it. But it is also clear that there is not much energy left for further work, at least not in current form. It is better to close the working group and pursue further ideas (that I know many of you have!) either in some of the other IETF working groups, through AD sponsoring documents, or by proposing new work in the usual IETF way.

I do know that there is at least one implementation team that is still in the process of describing their DHCP-based solution, maybe there are similar efforts on the distributed solution space. We'd be VERY happy to AD sponsor all such solutions to Experimental RFCs as soon as we have those proposals in some reasonable shape.

The mailing list will remain open.

- Jari Arkko
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