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Re: Thinkpad X120e "Unknown key" (when power plugged in, or unplugged)

On Mon, 23 Jan 2012, Michael Okun wrote:
> I noticed this in my syslog, and it happens on my X120e upon plugging
> in, or unplugging the power cord.  Please let me know if any
> additional info would be useful.  And thank you for all of your
> efforts!

Does the X120e correctly issue acpi events when you plug/unplug the
power cord?  If it does, it is probably best to just either ignore these
events, or use setkeycodes to map these events to something that won't
bother you.

thinkpad-acpi currently does not interact with the KBC (keyboard
controller), so it cannot filter out these events.

> 'setkeycodes e071 <keycode>' to make it known.
> possible thermal alarm or keyboard event received
> Jan 23 21:10:02 xucate kernel: [21463.550749] thinkpad_acpi:
> temperatures (Celsius): 51 0 51 0 0 0 26 0
> Jan 23 21:10:02 xucate kernel: [21463.550777] thinkpad_acpi: unhandled
> HKEY event 0x6040

So, it is reporting through the KBC _and_ a private HKEY event, on top
of (probably) reporting it as a ACPI notification on the AC adapter

FWIW, you can ignore any thinkpad-acpi messages about 0x6040 events.

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