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Re: Duplicate key press events

On Fri, 05 Aug 2011, Richard Hughes wrote:
> [hughsie@hughsie-t510 ~]$ cat
> /sys/module/thinkpad_acpi/parameters/brightness_enable
> 2

Force it to zero on driver load (modprobe thinkpad_acpi
brightness_enable=0).  What does the driver says in dmesg/kernel log ?

Still, event reporting doesn't depend on the brightness subdriver being
loaded, we do not filter events based on which driver got loaded.  The ACPI
firmware is usually very good about not issuing events that are

Do you have acpi_fakekeys or any other such crap loaded?  If you do,
kill it and check if the problem goes away, please.

If we _do_ track it down to the firmware, I can come up with something that
will filter it.

BTW: dmidecode output, please.  And if your firmware is not the latest
(BIOS/UEFI/EC), please update it and check whether the problem goes away...

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