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Re: Detect dock/undock on hotplug dock with kernel 3.0?

On Thu, 04 Aug 2011, Robert de Rooy wrote:
> Now that a patch bas been added to the 3.0 kernel to handle the hotplug 
> events for the newer Docks, how do I act upon those?

Hook to acpi events, directly or through acpid.

> In the past with the ACPI docks, I would write a udev rule that looked 
> for a docked event and run a script, but now I don't get any udev dock 
> event, and the acpi dock.0 sysfs entry remains at 0. Here is what I get;

No udev support until someone fixes the generic ACPI dock/bay driver to also
handle non-ACPI dock/bays...

> I also searched through sysfs and proc, but could not find anything that 
> confirms that the ThinkPad is in fact docked.

This might be available somewhere in the ACPI DSDT or in the EC register
space.  Use the generic ACPI EC dump facility to try to look for the EC
register that changes when you're docked/undocked, and that should help me
locate the stuff in the DSDT/SSDTs.

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