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Re: TP Edge E220s freezes when hotkeys pressed

On Tue, 10 May 2011, Andy Grover wrote:
> I just got an Edge e220s, and am having some issues. If I press Fn-F7
> (lower screen brightness) two times or Fn-F8 (increase brightness) the
> laptop freezes up solid. I get an unhandled HKEY 0x6050 message from
> Fn-F7 the first time I press it, but I'm not thinking thinkpad_acpi is
> the culprit, since  the behavior is the same (2nd F7, 1st F8 freezes
> laptop) even without the module loaded.

Hmm, yet another new event (0x6050).  I would appreciate if you could help
me track down what it means...

As for your brightness change issues: try unloading the ACPI "video" module.
Does that help avoid the crashes?  If it doesn't, try unloading BOTH ACPI
"video" and "thinkpad-acpi".

If you use xrandr to change screen brightness directly (without the
hotkeys), does it cause the crash?

> Do you have any advice or insight into this issue, or how to diagnose
> the cause of this issue?

It is likely something nasty in KMS or X.org backlight handling.  But do
check whether a BIOS update is available for your ThinkPad, it just might

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