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Re: TP Edge E220s freezes when hotkeys pressed

On 05/10/2011 10:17 AM, Andy Grover wrote:
> I just got an Edge e220s, and am having some issues. If I press Fn-F7
> (lower screen brightness) two times or Fn-F8 (increase brightness) the
> laptop freezes up solid. I get an unhandled HKEY 0x6050 message from
> Fn-F7 the first time I press it, but I'm not thinking thinkpad_acpi is
> the culprit, since  the behavior is the same (2nd F7, 1st F8 freezes
> laptop) even without the module loaded.
> Do you have any advice or insight into this issue, or how to diagnose
> the cause of this issue?

[ccing linux-acpi too]


Apparently the hang is ACPI-related, it only happens when using ACPI
backlight controls. It works if acpi=off, but that's not really a good
solution these days. I think this means I'm out of luck without a BIOS
update -- the backlight ASL (avail on request) ends up calling a "SMI"
method, so the trail ends there.

I also found out that blacklisting the video module doesn't work,
perhaps because i915 depends on it?

Another weird thing is that acpi_backlight=vendor causes it to hang,
right before gdm screen comes up, so that's not an option either, alas.

Cmon Lenovo bios people, I thought you had a clue!

Regards -- Andy

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