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Re: [GIT PATCH] thinkpad-acpi patches for merge window

>> Will this patch appear in sf.net ?
> Yes.  I didn't have the time to prepare a release yet, though.  But it has
> not been merged upstream yet, so I will also wait for the merge first.
> I am NOT happy with the FN-F6 mapping to KEY-CAMERA, but since we don't have
> a "thinksuite" or anything of the sort that would act as camera/headphone...
> The rest of the stuff only matters if you have a new thinkpad that is not
> working right with the driver, and you didn't send me a bug report about it
> yet :p

Basically, a friend of mine just bought an Edge 13 and I liked to see
how the latest thinkpad-acpi supports it, since anyway I'd build a
special kernel for her.

The only issue I have on my personal X60s is that Fn+F5 now
automatically rfkill soft-blocks the wifi. This seems to be somewhere
in the kernel, probably rfkill subsystem as I remember.


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