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Re: LenovoThinkPad T510 report


i was not able to apply the patch (thinkpad-acpi-0.24-20100516_v2.6.34.patch) to the 2.6.32 kernel with the gentoo-patches without getting errors - i think it is not meant to be applied on 2.6.32 as the filename suggests :)

nevertheless.. patching 2.6.34 vanilla kernel succeeded, but the module fails to load, the same happens when patching the 2.6.34 gentoo-patched kernel. 

i tried the linux-2.6.34 without your patch and it loads without force_load. here is what works:

fn-combinations trigger acpi-events as in the prior version,
including the THERMAL-ALERT-0x6000-thing on pressing

echo enable/disable > bluetooth
seems to work

/proc/acpi/ibm/volume is gone

/proc/acpi/ibm/beep works with some values (i think 1,9,10,15 )

/proc/acpi/ibm/driver gives
ThinkPad ACPI Extras
version:        0.24

level 0-7, full-speed, auto and disengaged seem to have influence on the fans speed

0, 7, 12 are accepted, 0 seems to be the led under the power-button, 7 is the led indicating standby, i dont can figure out what 12 is changing.

/proc/acpi/ibm/light works

/proc/acpi/ibm/video: same as with the prior version

/proc/acpi/ibm/wan: same...

The same kernel with the current patch from the website doesnt load the module (no such device, even with force_load=1 )

Is there something else that you want to know?


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