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Re: thinkpad_acpi: Add KEY_CAMERA (Fn-F6).

On ven., 2010-04-30 at 20:29 -0500, Jerone Young wrote:
> Yes.
> 	I actually sent the support to udev for the USB keyboard ;-)

Thank your for that. Indeed I
have /lib/udev/keymaps/lenovo-thinkpad-usb-keyboard-trackpoint.

> 	I have it and love it, why made sure has support in udev. Works great
> in Ubuntu 10.04 (I'm biased of course). But any newer distro should pull
> in the udev rules soon (if they havn't already).

Debian has :)
> > Hal get events for:
> > Fn+F2 (lock, sent as “XF86Screensaver” to wm)
> > Fn+F3 (battery, not really useful on a desktop box :)
> > Fn+F4 (sleep, can be catched by xfce4-power-manager)
> > Fn+F5 (wlan, which I don't have either)
> > Fn+F6 (camera)
> > Fn+F7 (switch-videomode)
> > Fn+F8 (f22)
> > Fn+F12 (hibernate, sent to xfpm too)
> > Fn+space (zoom)
> > Fn+arrows (multimedia keys, play/pause/prev/next)
> > Fn+home/end (brightness, though it does nothing on a desktop box)
> > 
> Correct. But if you use these on ... say on a thinkpad they do  work.

That's good to know.

> > What doesn't work:
> > output mute led
> > input (mic) mute led
> > input (mic) mute key
> These have to be lighted via:
> 1) Need a kernel module to expose the LEDS for it
> 2) Need a daemon to monitor and light them up when the need to be on.
> This is the same under Windows. You have to install the special Lenovo
> software for the the LEDs to cut on for the volume & mic mute. Though
> you need the special software for the hotkeys as well.

Yeah, I have to admit I'm not really sure it's worth it, but maybe at
one point the heaviest desktop environment might include something like
that (in an audio daemon or something).

For the kernel part, I'm not sure it'd be worth having a kernel module
just for a keyboard :)


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