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Re: thinkpad_acpi: Add KEY_CAMERA (Fn-F6).

On mer., 2010-04-21 at 19:00 -0300, Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote:
> I really should get people to send me keyboard photos of all models, so
> that I could have a per-model keymap, it would not waste any kernel
> runtime memory since they're discarded when the module installs
> itself... 

As a side note, would you be interested by the USB keyboard with
trackpoint (55Y9003)? It should be the same keyboard as the T400s. Works
fine, mostly.

Hal get events for:
Fn+F2 (lock, sent as “XF86Screensaver” to wm)
Fn+F3 (battery, not really useful on a desktop box :)
Fn+F4 (sleep, can be catched by xfce4-power-manager)
Fn+F5 (wlan, which I don't have either)
Fn+F6 (camera)
Fn+F7 (switch-videomode)
Fn+F8 (f22)
Fn+F12 (hibernate, sent to xfpm too)
Fn+space (zoom)
Fn+arrows (multimedia keys, play/pause/prev/next)
Fn+home/end (brightness, though it does nothing on a desktop box)

Key are sent to the wm for
Thinkvantage (XF86Launch1)
Caps-lock led

What else work:
Fn+Scrlk (numlock, but there's no led to indicate the status)

What doesn't work:
output mute led
input (mic) mute led
input (mic) mute key

This is on 2.6.32-trunk-amd64 on Debian testing, under Xfce 4.6. Hal is
running, along with xfce4-power-manager (which catches events like

If you're interested by more stuff, please ask.

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