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Re: unhandled HKEY events

On Wed, 10 Feb 2010, Sebastian Will wrote:
> when undocking my TP T400s from a TP Mini Dock Plus Series 3, I observe 
> the following in /var/log/messages
> Feb 10 15:29:35 menes kernel: [192498.193209] thinkpad_acpi: unhandled 
> HKEY event 0x4011
> when (re)docking, I see
> Feb 10 15:29:55 menes kernel: [192518.016701] thinkpad_acpi: unhandled 
> HKEY event 0x4010

> This is reproducable. Feel free to ask, when you want further information.

Do they happen only when docking/undocking?

Do they happen EVERY TIME you dock/undock?

Please test with different combinations of AC power applied to the dock, or
(if your dock has it) removable bay devices or batteries inside the dock...


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