Re: udev hangs during boot (arch linux on thinkpad w520)

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I'm running Arch Linux (3.2.13-1-ARCH) on a Lenovo ThinkPad W520 laptop (I can provide exact specs if required). I have installed udev 181-5 (from base repo). My bootloader is GRUB 0.97. The system will hang during the boot sequence during "Waiting for UDev uevents to be processed".

Per Kay in #udev I have added 'udev.children-max=1 udev.exec-delay=1 udev.log-priority=debug' to my kernel loader in an effort to identify the source of the problem. The system hangs perhaps 8 out of 10 boot attempts. The output appears to be different each time it hangs. I have tried several different combinations of kernel options and have disabled wifi (through the switch) in an effort to isolate the source of the problem, to no avail.

On the occasions when the system boots completely I have access to whatever log files might be helpful and will be happy to provide them. In an effort to provide some additional information, I have posted my "/var/log/everything.log" to I realize that this is everything from my logs and as such might be overwhelming. Please let me know specifically what I can provide to help resolve this issue.

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