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kmod 7 is out:


Just a bug-fix release with some bugs found mainly by Debian guys.
Check the NEWS file for more information.

Thanks a lot for all of you helping with debugging, testing and patches.

Shortlog is below.

Lucas De Marchi


Dave Reisner (1):
      modprobe: fix error path in removing modules

Lucas De Marchi (7):
      modprobe: don't check if module builtin to decide if it's builtin
      modprobe: always try to remove all modules in command line
      modprobe: set log prio to 0 if user passed -q arg
      config: use order /etc, /run, /lib
      build-sys: re-organize configure.ac
      build-sys: don't set CFLAGS and LDFLAGS
      kmod 7

Randy Witt (2):
      Add CC_CHECK_LDFLAGS_APPEND m4 macro.
      configure.ac: Move link only flags out of CFLAGS and into LDFLAGS.
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