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It's very unfortunate that udev can't distinguish between bootup from
device hotplug. :(

On 29 January 2012 12:23, Kay Sievers <kay.sievers@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Udev's rule engine is not the right place to hookup mounting of
> arbitrary filesystems, or configure non-trivial network settings like
> DHCP, or start system daemons, or run any other programs that runs for
> an unpredictable amount of time. Udev rules should only be used to
> identify or initially configure hardware, but never to execute system
> management jobs or things that involve policy or need error handling
> like filesystem checking or mounting. Running such programs from udev
> rules will block related events, and might render the entire system
> unusable. To ensure timely event execution, udev forcefully kills all
> programs it has executed from rules, and which take longer than 30 or
> 60 seconds to finish, and mounting and checking disks can take much
> longer than that.

I don't expect mounting a disk (or getting an IP for that matter) will
take longer longer than 30 seconds!

> Udev can send events to services which can act on device changes
> though. An auto-mounter service can listen to block device events and
> take the appropriate actions, such a service will not block udev's
> operations for an unpredictable time. Udisks and systemd for example
> work like that.
> Mounting filesystems is just not simple enough to do that in udev, you
> need a real service to do that properly. Udev rules are just not the
> right tool for the job, and very likely never will be.

Crikey. udisks & systemd has a crazy amount of deps and SLOC. Seriously?

I think you guys need to please start sucking less.

Kind regards,
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