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Good evening!

I'm sorry this mail is out of thread, I just subscribed so I can't reply.

There are people (including me) who report that fix doesn't solve the
problem: brightness keys on many laptops still don't work with the GIT
version of udev.

I will describe my problem down here, but it might be easier to read
my post on archlinux forums:


My specs:
Linux distribution: archlinux, XFCE
udev versions: 177, 178 (core), udev-git 20120123-1 (AUR)
keyboard driver: evdev

At least a week earlier I had some of Sony Vaio Keys working: Volume
control (Fn+F2: mute, Fn+F3: down, Fn+F4: up) and Brightness control
(Fn+F5: down, Fn+F6: up). Other Vaio Keys (Fn+F1: touchpad switch,
Fn+F7: switch video mode, Fn+F12: suspend) never worked.
At some point (I think after updating to udev-177-1) Brightness
control keys stopped working. Volume control keys still work.
Brightness control still works directly via acpi.

I blame it on udev, however, downgrading to udev-175 doesn't solve the
problem. Neither does updating to GIT version of udev or loading
correct keymap (module-sony) manually.

I also observe some interesting quirks which may give a clue to
someone more adept in linux than me.

My keyboards are detected correctly:

> [ajaxas@r2d2 ~]$ /lib/udev/findkeyboards
> AT keyboard: input/event0
> module: input/event1

where input/event1 is Sony Vaio Keys, /proc/bus/input/devices lists it properly.

However, my Volume control keys seem to be mapped to input/event0
(keyboard itself):

> [root@r2d2 ajaxas]# /lib/udev/keynap -i input/event0
> scan code: 0xA0   key code: mute
> scan code: 0xAE   key code: volumedown
> scan code: 0xB0   key code: volumeup

and these scan codes correspond not to my keymap (0x06, 0x07, 0x08),
but to /lib/udev/keymaps/force-release/common-volume-keys. Manually
removing that keymap and even udev rule for force-release doesn't
change anything (!).

On the other hand, my Brightness control keys, mapped as 0x09 and 0x0A
in the keymap, are reported by udev as:

> [root@r2d2 ajaxas]# /lib/udev/keymap -i input/event1
> scan code: 0x10   key code: brightnessdown
> scan code: 0x11   key code: brightnessup

If I change my keymap file (0x09 -> 0x10, 0x0A -> 0x11) and load
keymap manually, nothing changes. And when I reboot with this changed
keymap, udev reports this for my Brightness control keys:

> [root@r2d2 ajaxas]# /lib/udev/keymap -i input/event1
> scan code: 0x10   key code: fn_f5
> scan code: 0x11   key code: fn_f6

Again, nothing works, and keys are not reported as Brightness control
keys anymore. Here's where I'm lost.

Could you please help me?

With best regards,
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