PCIe Hotplugging not working

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I am trying to get PCIe endpoint hot - plugging working

The Set up is such that there is one endpoint (our custom device) connected to PCI  switch PLX 8609 8 port 8 lane switch. 
1. I have my driver module compiled, copied into /lib/modules/`uname -r`/kernel/drivers/char/
2. I run depmod and "modules.pcimap" also got updated with my module. 

 if I unplug and plug in the endpoint, my driver .probe and .remove functions
 are not being invoked. Is there something more to be done at the bus 
level to get the driver to hot plug ?

I have tried various kernel version, Currently I am trying on (UBUNTU flavor).
First is there anything missing ? Also Please give me some pointers and debug direction.


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