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Here comes a new udev version. Thanks to all who have contributed to
this release.

Until ftp.kernel.org comes back, the signed tarball is here:
(This is just a temporary location and the files will be deleted at the moment
ftp.kernel.org server is back online)

The tarball can be found here:

The development repository can be found here:

The ChangeLog can be found here:

udev 175

udev 174

The udev daemon moved to /lib/udev/udevd. Non-systemd init systems
and non-dracut initramfs image generators need to change the init
scripts. Alternatively the udev build needs to move udevd back to
/sbin or create a symlink in /sbin, which is not done by default.

The path_id, usb_id, input_id tools are built-in commands now and
the stand-alone tools do not exist anymore. Static lists of file in
initramfs generators need to be updated. For testing, the commands
can still be executed standalone with 'udevadm test-builtin <cmd>'.

The fusectl filesystem is no longer mounted directly from udev.
Systemd systems will take care of mounting fusectl and configfs
now. Non-systemd systems need to ship their own rule if they
need these filesystems auto-mounted.

The long deprecated keys: SYSFS=, ID=, BUS= have been removed.

The support for 'udevadm trigger --type=failed, and the
RUN{fail_event_on_error} attribute was removed.

The udev control socket is now created in /run/udev/control
and no longer as an abstract namespace one.

The rules to create persistent network interface and cdrom link
rules automatically in /etc/udev/rules.d/ have been disabled by
default. Explicit configuration will be required for these use
cases, udev will no longer try to write any persistent system
configuration from a device hotplug path.
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