[PATCH] revised OLPC keymap

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udev's OLPC keymap has been out of date for a while, but it went
unnoticed:  udev's maps weren't being used until we fully retired hal.


commit de157fd68f83023ab86837a8e9a9b1bdc2d12494
Author: Paul Fox <pgf@xxxxxxxxxx>
Date:   Mon Aug 15 16:58:38 2011 -0400

    update the OLPC keymap for correct function key behavior
    new mappings were needed when the mechanical keyboard was
    introduced, and gnome was made a peer to the sugar desktop.
    see http://lists.laptop.org/pipermail/devel/2010-July/029384.html

diff --git a/extras/keymap/keymaps/olpc-xo b/extras/keymap/keymaps/olpc-xo
index 7fe0662..34434a1 100644
--- a/extras/keymap/keymaps/olpc-xo
+++ b/extras/keymap/keymaps/olpc-xo
@@ -2,18 +2,32 @@
 0x81 fn_esc
 0xF9 camera
 0xF8 sound # Fn-CAMERA = Mic
-0xBB fn_f1
-0xBC fn_f2
-0xBD fn_f3
-0xBE fn_f4
-0xBF fn_f5
-0xC0 fn_f6
-0xC1 fn_f7
-0xC2 fn_f8
-0xC3 fn_f9
-0xC4 fn_f10
-0xD7 fn_f11
-0xD8 fn_f12
+# Function key mappings, as per
+#    http://dev.laptop.org/ticket/10213#comment:20
+# Unmodified F1-F8 produce F1-F8, so no remap necessary.
+# Unmodified F9-F12 control brightness and volume.
+0x43 brightnessdown
+0x44 brightnessup
+0x57 volumedown
+0x58 volumeup
+# fn-modified fkeys all produce the unmodified version of the key.
+0xBB f1
+0xBC f2
+0xBD f3
+0xBE f4
+0xBF f5
+0xC0 f6
+0xC1 f7
+0xC2 f8
+0xC3 f9
+0xC4 f10
+0xD7 f11
+0xD8 f12
 # Using F13-F21 for the .5 F keys right now.
 0xF7 f13

 paul fox, pgf@xxxxxxxxxx
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