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On Fri, 12 Aug 2011, Frank W. Miller wrote:

My next step is to get udev going.  To that end, I've downloaded and
studied to some extent release 172.  I'm using FC12 as my build machine
(e.g. gcc 4.4.2).  This is what I think is supposed to happen, please
correct me if I'm wrong on any of this.

When I build udev, I do this:

configure --enable-static

This is to get the udev binaries to build without needing libraries.


I get this:

 CC     extras/input_id/input_id.o
extras/input_id/input_id.c: In function ‘test_key’:
extras/input_id/input_id.c:173: error: ‘BTN_TRIGGER_HAPPY’ undeclared

Your FC12 kernel headers are too old for building udev 172. I believe you'll need at least 2.6.34.

Once I get the binaries built, I'll need to install them and the config
files in the proper places in my USB filesystem correct?

Naturally. Though you can reorganize the directory structure if you wish via options to ./configure.

Thanks in advance for any assistance on this.  I'd really like to keep
this as simple as possible.  For example, its not clear to me what
"extras" are and how to turn them off if they are not needed.

./configure --disable-hwdb --disable-introspection \

(and so on). See ./configure --help and

Allin Cottrell

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