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Re: New 'hail' repository created, with major packaging rework

On Fri, 02 Jul 2010 02:59:20 -0400
Jeff Garzik <jeff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> 	git://git.kernel.org/pub/scm/daemon/distsrv/hail.git

> libhail is a single shared library binary, linking together cldc, ncld, 
> libtimer, and chunkdc modules.  In other words, libhail at present is a 
> simplistic combination of cld/lib and chunkd/lib.

[zaitcev@lembas hail-tip]$ ls lib include
chunkc.h         chunksrv.h    cld-private.h  Makefile     ncld.h
chunk_msg.h      cldc.h        elist.h        Makefile.am  objcache.h
chunk-private.h  cld_common.h  hail_log.h     Makefile.in

chunkdc.c   cldc-udp.c     libhail.pc.in              Makefile
chunksrv.c  cld_msg_rpc.x  libhail-uninstalled.pc     Makefile.am
cldc.c      common.c       libhail-uninstalled.pc.in  Makefile.in
cldc-dns.c  libhail.pc     libtimer.c                 pkt.c
[zaitcev@lembas hail-tip]$ grep httpstor lib/*.c
[zaitcev@lembas hail-tip]$ 

What has happened to the plan to include httpstor into libhail?

-- Pete
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