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Re: [Patch 1/1] CLD: Introduce the "New CLD" API

On Wed, 17 Feb 2010 20:18:52 -0500
Jeff Garzik <jeff@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> A point of style:  the 'p' suffix is discouraged.
> >
> > I'll batch-rename it when I get better.

> Since it sounds like there will be no conflicting patches, I went ahead 
> and fixed things up myself, using my trusty sar (search-and-replace) 
> script.  I find sar quite useful, because it (a) matches and replaces on 
> word boundaries, and (b) it performs in-situ updates, unlike most other 
> Unix tools.

I imagine the numbers of '>>>>>>' clauses I have to fix after the
next "git pull". Oh well.

-- Pete
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