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Re: Compiling glib2.32.1 for windows

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> From: Yann Leboulanger <asterix@xxxxxxxxxxx>
> To: Sergei Steshenko <sergstesh@xxxxxxxxx>
> Cc: "gtk-list@xxxxxxxxx" <gtk-list@xxxxxxxxx>
> Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2012 12:26 AM
> Subject: Re: Compiling glib2.32.1 for windows
> Le 25/04/2012 19:06, Sergei Steshenko a écrit :
>>  Have you tried http://mxe.cc/ -> http://mxe.cc/#packages -> glib ? Or
>>  you absolutely need to do this under Windows ? Regards,   Sergei. 
> It seems to build glib 2.28.8, I need 2.30+ to build farstream. Bur that
> would have been a good solution.
> -- 
> Yann

Being in your shoes I first would try to build glib-2.28.8 and, if it works, hack the Makefile of the tool - just change glib version.

AFAIR, the tool also contains MD5 (or similar) sums, so this need to be hacked too. The checksums are listed on download sites (ftp.gnome.org). Everything is pretty straightforward.

If, by any chance, glib-2.30+ needs a package missing in the suite, then you are in trouble.

According to my "records", glib-2.24.2 (the latest I build for Linux) needs gettext, libiconv, pcre - maybe there are no new dependencies in glib-2.30+.

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