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Re: Building gtk+

On 15/10/2011 18:52, Earnie wrote:
> Earnie wrote:
>> I've finally gotten all of the relevant libraries created and get to
>> building gtk+ when I get the following error. How to overcome it?
>> Creating library file: .libs/libgdk-3.dll.a make[4]: *** No rule to
>> make target `Gdk-3.0.typelib', needed by `all-am'. Stop.
> I'm thinking that this requires the gobject-introspection module but
> configure didn't abort when it didn't find the module.  I'm trying to
> build gtk+-3.2.0.

I've been maintaining a wip patch to build GTK+ with and without
gobject-introspection with MSYS + MinGW (but mostly focused on with)
here: https://github.com/dieterv/gtk/commits/windows

Not yet in a bug report as I'm waiting on the gi work to be reviewed

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