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Re: catch logout/SIGHUP

On Thursday 21 July 2005 02:39, Jochen Baier wrote:
> hi,
> i wonder what is the right procedure to do some cleanup if the user
> logout from session
> and the program is still alive. ("Save file before exit" etc)
> I thought "system (SIGHUP,...)" is the right way, but i didnt find this
> function in code from gedit, anjuta etc.. so what is  the right way to
> do this ?

You should use g_atexit() (or the equivalent standard C function on_exit()) 
for cleanup, but at the stage that it executes it is too late to do anything 
interactive with the user.  (But if the user has caused his X session to 
close down it is too late to do that anyway.)



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