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Re: splitted libgpm and gpmd, 9p, ...

Hello Enrico,

Enrico Weigelt [Mon, May 26, 2008 at 09:55:52PM +0200]:
> I've splitted libgpm and gpmd into separate packages also provided
> ebuilds (Gentoo) for them:

Well, splitting it does not help me very much, as both code is developed
together. But as usual, I do not care what distributors do, as long as
it works for them and does not break the package.

>     svn://nibiru.metux.de/public/gpm/

Must confess that I personally would prefer git over svn, so merging
stuff back would be easier (and no, I do not consider git-svn as
something useful, if one mainly uses git, because merges break in svn
and get rebased).

> I'm also working on an 9P-enabled gpm (see 9psrv branch). It's 
> already makes much of it's internal status accessible via 9P,
> an mouse event channel is soon coming. Once this is working, 
> I'll port libgpm to the 9P interface and make the old one
> optional.

Very nice to see other people hacking on gpm und I'll look forward
to your results. Just post from time to time to the list, if you
have news.

Perhaps you can explain why 9P could be interesting for people and
how to use it -> so maybe you get more hands / eyes on that idea.



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