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GPM crash report


I originally report a problem to MC, but it seems it is GPM issue:

I also propose patch to GPM that fixes this problem.


overview: Crashing inside liblow.c
Submitted by:  	Jaroslav Fojtik <fojtik> 	
Submitted on:  	Wednesday 09/27/2006 at 19:43 UTC 	 
Category: 	None	Severity: 	3 - Normal
Status: 	None	Privacy: 	Public
Assigned to: 	None	Open/Closed: 	Open
Release: 	4.6.1	Operating System: 	GNU/Linux
Summary: 	Crashing inside liblow.c
Original Submission: 	
May be that this could help. This problem arises when I upgraded to 
Slackware 10.2.

Starting program: /I/usr/src/mc-4.6.1/src/mc
bash-3.00# *** debug [lib/liblow.c(204)]:
VC: 0

Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
0x400d2da0 in Gpm_Open (conn=0xbffff81c, flag=0) at lib/liblow.c:261
#0 0x400d2da0 in Gpm_Open (conn=0xbffff81c, flag=0) at lib/liblow.c:261
#1 0x080709c8 in enable_mouse () at mouse.c:80
#2 0x0805f28f in toggle_panels () at execute.c:264
#3 0x0806eed9 in midnight_callback (h=0x0, msg=DLG_KEY, parm=16399)
at main.c:1468
#4 0x0805d9e0 in dlg_key_event (h=0x80cff00, d_key=16399) at dialog.c:655
#5 0x0805db52 in dlg_process_event (h=0x80cff00, key=0, event=0xbffff8b8)
at dialog.c:745
#6 0x0805dbfa in run_dlg (h=0x80cff00) at dialog.c:777
#7 0x0806f09a in setup_panels_and_run_mc () at main.c:1672
#8 0x0806f210 in do_nc () at main.c:1744
#9 0x0806f951 in main (argc=1, argv=0xbffff964) at main.c:2239


Acconding to further analysis, I have found a fix inside liblow.c
I absolutelly don't know why mc passes here NULL. May be that new glibc 
is more sensitive to NULL than old one. (mc -d is also workaround, but 
this don't kill mouse.)

/* do we really need this check ? */
if(option.consolename==NULL) goto err;
if(tty==NULL) goto err;
|| !isdigit(tty[strlen(option.consolename)-1])) {
gpm_report(GPM_PR_ERR,"strncmp/isdigit/option.consolename failed");
goto err;

Jaroslav Fojtik                                      HUMUSOFT s.r.o.
fojtik@xxxxxxxxxxxx                                  Pobrezni 20
http://www.humusoft.com                              186 00 Praha 8
tel: ++ 420 2 84011730                               Czech Republic
fax: ++ 420 2 84011740 

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