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Re: Announce: standalone libgpm

* Mike Frysinger <vapier@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> splitting gpm into two different source trees doesnt make sense 

It makes sense to me. I've got quite strict policies on that,
since I need them for HA embedded systems.

> ... to do it right, you would update the build system to allow 
> the user to select whether to compile just the library, just the 
> binaries, or both (default)

Well, it would be okay for me, if we have an option to use and 
external libgpm for the server and make absolutely sure that no 
single bit is used from the bundled libgpm. And also the libgpm 
has to be trimmed down, only to contain the stuff interesting for 
the client (as I already did), which also requires splitting off
some include files.

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