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Re: OpenMCU Virtual Machine working out-of-the-box


I ran the virtual machine using KVM and had to twiddle with the network
config a bit to get it going within my local network, but their version
of OpenMCU seems to be quite a bit improved indeed.

Its pretty picky about codecs, but I did get a 2 party conference with
2 Spranto clients going using H.263 in 4CIF. Its actually the first time
I ever got OpenMCU to mix video for me. Kudos!

Do we have anybody on the list who speaks Russian and can get us in
contact with the programmers ? I think it would be great if we could
get their changes into the H323Plus CVS. The source is included in the
torrent, but I think it would be best to talk with them first.


Pablo Sotomayor wrote:
> I downloaded this virtual machine from the russian openmcu fork (http://openmcu.ru) and got surprised with the results.
> I sucessfully tested video-conference features with Ekiga and NetMeeting software clients.
> Can anyone test this with real endpoint cameras ?
> The zip file with the virtual machine is availble on this torrent.
> http://openmcu.ru/public/OpenMCU%5brutracker%5d.torrent
> Pablo

Jan Willamowius, jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, http://www.gnugk.org/

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