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Re: annoing endpoints

On 2012-01-18 17:58 +0100, Jan Willamowius wrote openh323gk-users@xxxxxxxxx...:

Ok i try, but my inglish not very good:)

JW>Thanks, Yuriy! Patch applied.
JW>When you add new switches, it would be great if you could also supply
JW>a small entry for the manaul. I added them for the last two patches.
JW>Maybe you want to check if I got it right of if I forgot to mention
JW>Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote:
JW>> On 2012-01-17 21:44 +0100, Jan Willamowius wrote openh323gk-users@xxxxxxxxx...:
JW>> Thanks Jan, see it already, i have another one - it fixes unregistered calls with no src/empty
JW>> username/alis/calling paty and radalias auth scheme, if such calls comes, request to radius 
JW>> contains no User-Name attribute, but it is mandatory for radius, hi cannot process request 
JW>> without this attribute, and call is rejected, there is one switch which define username in
JW>> such case which is send to radius if we cannot compose User-Name attribute from incoming 
JW>> setup message.
JW>> JW>Thanks, Yuriy!
JW>> JW>
JW>> JW>Patch applied.
JW>> JW>
JW>> JW>
JW>> JW>Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote:
JW>> JW>> 
JW>> JW>> Hi, we have a number of annoing enpoints which send full RRQ regardless hi is registered already,
JW>> JW>> more, for example cisco as5300 send RRQ on ethery outbound call and i don't known why and i don't
JW>> JW>> find any way to disable such behavior, all this produse RCF messages on console which is annoing
JW>> JW>> me and my support, i make a small patch, it add one switch to config which disable RCF printing
JW>> JW>> if endpoint already registered.

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