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Re: Newbie help... getting started with GnuGk

Make sure you have set the trace level, eg. to 5.

You should see the call come in. It won't connect, because you don't
have another routing policy after vqueue to connect the call, but you
should see it come in.

And then extend the chain of routing policies:


MarvinHerbold wrote:
> Ok - I have GnuGk installed.  If you've seen my previous email / posts you
> know that I am trying to set up a video phone call center, with incoming
> calls routed to one of our agents using vqueue routing policy and failover. 
> I'm just trying to get the basic config up and running so I can start
> developing my ACD code.
> This is my gatekeeper.ini file so far (see below) (some stuff x'ed out for
> privacy).
> I am using Ekiga with a webcam on my Windows PC as my H.323 endpoint to do
> testing with.  I used it to call a Sorenson VP200 and it works - it rings
> the VP200 and I can answer it and get video.  When I direct Ekiga to call
> the box that I have GnuGk running on, nothing seems to happen.  Nothing
> shows up in logs and GnuGk console doesn't print anything new when I call.
> I have the firewall on the server completely open to my PC, so it's not
> that.  Perhaps I don't have the ports set up correctly in the gatekeeper
> config file... or perhaps I don't have the config file made properly.
> Sorry for all the newbie questions!
> [Gatekeeper::Main]
> FortyTwo=42
> Name=xxx
> Home=xx.xx.xx.xx
> TimestampFormat=MySQL
> [GkStatus::Auth]
> rule=password
> xx=xx
> [LogFile]
> Filename=/xx/xx/gatekeeper.log
> Rotate=Daily
> RotateTime=00:00
> [RoutedMode]
> GKRouted=1
> AcceptUnregisteredCalls=1
> CallSignalPort=1720
> RemoveCallOnDRQ=0
> SendReleaseCompleteOnDRQ=1
> ActivateFailover=1
> [RoutingPolicy]
> default=vqueue

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