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Re: Problems rewriting dialed number as IP into a number?

Hi Mikael,

you can't use [RasSrv::RewriteE164] to rewrite based on the destination
IP, because it will only look at aliases with type E.164, not at the
IP, so the rules won't match.

The easiest thing would be to add the catchall policy to route all that
won't connect a predefined destination. But that would also include
calls to aliases that don't exist.
To assign aliases based on called IP, you could use the SQL or
vqueue routing policy for example. 


Mikael Grehn wrote:
> Hi!
> I am trying to detect incoming calls directly to the IP of the gatekeeper. I need to rewrite the whole Callee IP to a different number and have tried a number of different configurations. When the incoming H323 client is calling the domain of gnugk (instead of the resolved IP) the rewrite is working:
> [RasSrv::RewriteAlias]
> mygnugkdomain.se=0099999999
> But when getting calls based on IP (X.Y.Z.W) I tried this:
> [RasSrv::RewriteE164]
> %%%%%%%.=0099999999
> But nothing happens.
> Also tried:
> [RasSrv::RewriteE164]
> any=0099999999
> but that gives startup issues, i.e. misconfiguration. :)
> and
> [RasSrv::RewriteE164]
> X.Y.Z.W=0099999999
> but for obvious reasons that won't work either since '.' represents another syntax.
> How can I rewrite the destination E.164 number from an IP into a number?
> Many thanks!
> Best Regards,
> Mikael

Jan Willamowius, jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, http://www.gnugk.org/

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