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How do you read large logs?

I have over 90 systems connected to a GnuGK which runs as a proxy to
the internet.  I often get calls which fail, but because the
gk_trace.log file tracks everything, it becomes impossible to follow
the "thread" of a call setup because there doesn't seem to be a way to
filter out just one particular call; so troubleshooting means trying
to determine if a particular message in the log file is for some other
call, a valid RCF, etc.

How do people with larger configurations perform the troubleshooting
and log analysis?

Jan, is there some way to have GnuGK create a separate log file for
each registered endpoint, and then just have gk_trace.log hold
"everything else" and housekeeping?  Or if the log file tracked which
endpoint_id a particular log entry related to then it would be easy to

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