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How to configure GnuGk for NAT issues?

Dear Experts,

I have this setup.�

1. H.323 (Frans > Paris) dynamic public ip no firewall, no nat straight public ip and registered to GnuGK gatekeeper.�
- WAN, ip address: 98.x.x.x

2. At home (Belgium > Brussels) i have a Router (WAN ip address: 99.x.x.x) > GnuGK running.�
- LAN, ip address of my router :
- LAN, ip address of my GnuGK:

3. At home (Belgium > Brussles) the same router > i have H.323 client phone in my laptop SJPhone.�
- LAN, ip address of my laptop:

- Now when i call from my SJPhone (�to Paris (98.x.x.x) �it works.�
- But when Paris to my SJPhone i make the call, it fails. I have tried with GnuGK the /etc/nat.ini example but did not solved it.�How can i solve the NAT issue with GnuGK?

Thanks & Regards

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