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Re: latest cvs crash

On 2011-08-11 01:15 +0200, Jan Willamowius wrote openh323gk-users@xxxxxxxxx...:

JW>Thanks Yuriy, I think it should be fixed now.

Hi Jan, now there is error while compiling:

[CC] h323util.cxx
h323util.cxx: In function 'PString GetGUIDString(const H225_GloballyUniqueID&, bool)':
h323util.cxx:286: error: call of overloaded 'PString(PString::ConversionType, PInt64, int)' is ambiguous
/usr/local/src/ptlib-2.8.4/include/ptlib/pstring.h:305: note: candidates are: PString::PString(PString::ConversionType, double, unsigned int)
/usr/local/src/ptlib-2.8.4/include/ptlib/pstring.h:300: note:                 PString::PString(PString::ConversionType, long int, unsigned int)
/usr/local/src/ptlib-2.8.4/include/ptlib/pstring.h:295: note:                 PString::PString(PString::ConversionType, const char*, ...) <near match>
/usr/local/src/ptlib-2.8.4/include/ptlib/pluginmgr.h: At global scope:
/usr/local/src/ptlib-2.8.4/include/ptlib/pluginmgr.h:167: warning: 'PFactoryLoader::PluginLoaderStartup_loader' defined but not used
make[1]: *** [obj_linux_x86_64/h323util.o] Error 1
make[1]: Leaving directory `/tmp/openh323gk'

JW>Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote:
JW>> Hi, latest cvs again, seems after last changes in ProxyChannel.cxx periodicallycrashing:
JW>> #0  0x0000000000487836 in SmartPtr<CallRec>::operator bool (this=0x0) at RasTbl.h:47
JW>> 47		operator bool() const { return pt != 0; }
JW>> (gdb) bt
JW>> #0  0x0000000000487836 in SmartPtr<CallRec>::operator bool (this=0x0) at RasTbl.h:47
JW>> #1  0x0000000000568b60 in UDPProxySocket::SetMediaIP (this=0x7fc3f41b0e00, direction=..., ip=...)
JW>>      at ProxyChannel.cxx:5517
JW>> #2  0x00000000005687f8 in UDPProxySocket::SetForwardDestination (this=0x7fc3f41b0e00, srcIP=...,
JW>>      srcPort=17391, addr=..., mcall=...) at ProxyChannel.cxx:5485
JW>> #3  0x000000000056de73 in RTPLogicalChannel::HandleMediaChannel (this=0x7fc3f41b0550,
JW>>      mediaControlChannel=0x7fc40006cd00, mediaChannel=0x7fc40006cb30, local=..., rev=false, mcall=...,
JW>>      fromH46019=false) at ProxyChannel.cxx:6158
JW>> #4  0x000000000056e2f3 in RTPLogicalChannel::OnLogicalChannelParameters (this=0x7fc3f41b0550, h225Params=...,
JW>>      local=..., rev=false, mcall=..., fromH46019=false) at ProxyChannel.cxx:6199
JW>> #5  0x0000000000572689 in H245ProxyHandler::HandleFastStartResponse (this=0x7fc3f41af1f0, olc=..., mcall=...)
JW>>      at ProxyChannel.cxx:6846
JW>> #6  0x000000000055f19c in CallSignalSocket::OnFastStart (this=0x7fc3f41b6010, fastStart=..., fromCaller=false)
JW>>      at ProxyChannel.cxx:4087
JW>> #7  0x0000000000579608 in CallSignalSocket::HandleFastStart<H225_CallProceeding_UUIE> (this=0x7fc3f41b6010,
JW>>      uu=..., fromCaller=false) at ProxyChannel.h:258
JW>> #8  0x00000000005581e0 in CallSignalSocket::OnCallProceeding (this=0x7fc3f41b6010, msg=0x7fc40006a3b0)
JW>>      at ProxyChannel.cxx:2969
JW>> #9  0x000000000054ab60 in CallSignalSocket::ReceiveData (this=0x7fc3f41b6010) at ProxyChannel.cxx:1087
JW>> #10 0x0000000000574433 in ProxyHandler::ReadSocket (this=0x1ad4d20, socket=0x7fc3f41b6010)
JW>>      at ProxyChannel.cxx:7174
JW>> #11 0x000000000045a73e in SocketsReader::Exec (this=0x1ad4d20) at yasocket.cxx:836
JW>> #12 0x00000000004553d8 in RegularJob::Run (this=0x1ad4d20) at job.cxx:470
JW>> #13 0x0000000000453bba in Worker::Main (this=0x1ad3a10) at job.cxx:191
JW>> #14 0x00007fc410657136 in PThread::PX_ThreadStart (arg=0x1ad3a10) at ptlib/unix/tlibthrd.cxx:504
JW>> #15 0x00007fc40fe108ba in start_thread () from /lib/libpthread.so.0
JW>> #16 0x00007fc40dc1102d in clone () from /lib/libc.so.6
JW>> #17 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()
JW>> C уважением                       With Best Regards
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C уважением                       With Best Regards
Георгиевский Юрий.                Georgiewskiy Yuriy
+7 4872 711666                    +7 4872 711666
факс +7 4872 711143               fax +7 4872 711143
Компания ООО "Ай Ти Сервис"       IT Service Ltd
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