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Re: GNU GK and F5

Hi David,

I don't think it will work well: You can use the SendTo= switch to tell
GnuGk to forward RRQs, but the registration lists can get out of sync
easily and the call information would still be only inside of one
gatekeepers memory.

The better approach would probably be to let GnuGk store registrations
and call states in a database that could be accessed by multiple
gatekeepers. I've been thinking about that feature for quite a while
now, but so far its not implemented.


David Vrtin wrote:
> Hi all
> Does it make any sense to put F5 in front of GNU gatekeeper and have 2 
> gatekeepers
> in "background", if such gatekeeper is used only for call-routing and 
> for registrations of
> endpoints (and MCUs) ?
> In such configuration, both gatekeepers need to share "endpoint 
> registration tables". Is
> this supported in GNU GK?
> Best regards,
> David

Jan Willamowius, jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, http://www.gnugk.org/

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