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Re: Cisco CME transfer problem with GnuGK 2.3.4

Hi Ivan,

your endpoints are trying an endpoint based H.450.2 call transfer and
GnuGk drops the call when it sees a 2nd Setup message for the same call

Try switching to gatekeeper based H.450.2 using GnuGk's emulator:


Please report back if this fixes your transfers.


Jan Willamowius, Founder of the GNU Gatekeeper Project
EMail  : jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Website: http://www.gnugk.org
Support: http://www.willamowius.com/gnugk-support.html

Ivan Sokolov wrote:
> Hi,
> I call from cisco CME1 to CME2.
> I have drop call after transfer call from cisco CME2 to CME3.
> Conf:
> [Gatekeeper::Main]
> Fourtytwo=42
> [RoutedMode]
> GKRouted=1
> H245Routed=1
> CallSignalPort=1720
> AcceptUnregisteredCalls=1
> RemoveH245AddressOnTunneling=1
> Q931PortRange=30000-39999
> H245PortRange=40000-49999
> AcceptUnregisteredCalls=1
> GenerateCallProceeding=0
> [GkStatus::Auth]
> rule=allow
> [Routing::CatchAll]
> CatchAllIP=
> [RasSrv::PermanentEndpoints]
> [Proxy]
> Enable=1
> Sniff and log in attach.
> --bcaec53f948556552304a5e8a694--

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