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Re: latest cvs version issues

On 2011-05-21 14:34 +0400, Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote GNU Gatekeeper Users:

Hi again, i am mistake a bit, there not always destination endpoint is catchall andpoint,
now i see same issue between two regular registered endpoints.

GY>On 2011-05-20 17:18 +0200, Jan Willamowius wrote openh323gk-users@xxxxxxxxxxxx:
GY>JW>Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote:
GY>JW>> Hi Jan, finally i found exact commit which break t38, it's at revision 
GY>JW>> 1.413 of ProxyChannel.cxx.
GY>JW>This is fiexed in the CVS now. 2.3.4 wasn't affected and 2.3.5 will be
GY>JW>ok now, too.
GY>Hi, seems there is another issue with stalled calls still exist:
GY>Call No. 2417 | CallID 66 62 d7 4d 1f c0 db b7 9d a9 00 02 a4 03 39 62 | 12706 | 0
GY>Dial 8910:dialedDigits
GY># dganser-okt-318:h323_ID=000110200000094:dialedDigits=000110200000095:dialedDigits|sbc:h323_ID=74872711666:dialedDigits=74872711143:dialedDigits=74872710014:dialedDigits=00011000001:dialedDigits=74872710145:dialedDigits=00011000002:dialedDigits=00011000003:dialedDigits=74872710023:dialedDigits=174:dialedDigits=74872710252:dialedDigits|100|unconnected <0> bw:100
GY>Call No. 2452 | CallID d1 8c d7 4d c0 5e cd 20 80 fd 00 02 a4 05 c6 c4 | 12252 | 0
GY>Dial 892:dialedDigits
GY># ramos-vgw:h323_ID=74872710190:dialedDigits|sbc:h323_ID=74872711666:dialedDigits=74872711143:dialedDigits=74872710014:dialedDigits=00011000001:dialedDigits=74872710145:dialedDigits=00011000002:dialedDigits=00011000003:dialedDigits=74872710023:dialedDigits=174:dialedDigits=74872710252:dialedDigits|100|unconnected <0> bw:100
GY>as i remember first time then i see it is after after implementing failover for catchall endpoin or near
GY>it, seems there no SetupTimeout/SignalTimeout/AlertingTimeout apply to this calls, for now i don't know 
GY>why and how reproduse such calls or how trigger this issue, it appears time to time from various 
GY>terminals in our network, but all time destination endpoint is catchall endpoint.
GY>C уважением                       With Best Regards
GY>Георгиевский Юрий.                Georgiewskiy Yuriy
GY>+7 4872 711666                    +7 4872 711666
GY>факс +7 4872 711143               fax +7 4872 711143
GY>Компания ООО "Ай Ти Сервис"       IT Service Ltd
GY>http://nkoort.ru                  http://nkoort.ru
GY>JID: GHhost@xxxxxxxxxx            JID: GHhost@xxxxxxxxxx
GY>YG129-RIPE                        YG129-RIPE

C уважением                       With Best Regards
Георгиевский Юрий.                Georgiewskiy Yuriy
+7 4872 711666                    +7 4872 711666
факс +7 4872 711143               fax +7 4872 711143
Компания ООО "Ай Ти Сервис"       IT Service Ltd
http://nkoort.ru                  http://nkoort.ru
JID: GHhost@xxxxxxxxxx            JID: GHhost@xxxxxxxxxx
YG129-RIPE                        YG129-RIPE
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