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Re: Error: while telnet is connected, and apply makecall

To get a backtrace do a "make debug" and then cause the crash.

On your system core dumps aren't just called "core", but core.xxx
where xxx is the procees number. So after the crash, look for the
latest core.xxx and do a

gdb ./obj_linux_x86_d/gnugk core.xxx

and thats the backtrace we are looking for. It should show us what
GnuGk did when it crashed.


Shamun wrote:
> Hello Jan,
> Here is the complete build process, but still same ex:
> http://fpaste.org/iKfP/
> Thanks & Reg
> Shamun

Jan Willamowius, jan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx, http://www.gnugk.org/

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