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Re: H.239 is possible with GnuGK? How can i get started?

Am Freitag, den 06.05.2011, 15:10 +0200 schrieb Shamun:

> 2. OpenH323 is the name or GnuGK is the main name? Names are very
> conflicting (in the world of H.323), what is then H323Plus? Are they
> same team or community here?

The GNU Gatekeeper (GnuGK) is a software, which implements a H.323
Gatekeeper (but not only a Gatekeeper; e.g. you can make it a Gateway
too or use it for some limited PBX functionality). 

OpenH323 is a library, which allows a voice developer to implement H.323
without actually having "to fiddle with the bits". H323Plus is a fork of
OH323, which is still maintained.
A lot of voice software linke Asterisk, Yate, the GNU Gatekeeper and a
lot of softphones are using OpenH323/H323Plus. To give you an example of
another backend: Ekiga uses OPAL.

> 3. Is this developer friendly framework? Such as FreeSwitch? Where we
> can do javascript/lua on incoming call to build our own calling card
> platform or custom IVR?

The GnuGk has a telnet-like commando interface, which may be used for
routing and other stuff as well. Please refer to the manual to lean how
to use it.

> 4. How can i build a call center model? Where A is customer, B, C, D
> (company provides services), A calls and it rings all departments
> including sales/invoice/support. When any 1 pick up the call, all ring
> becomes silents:

Dunno. Maybe you are looking more for a PBX, than for a


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