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Re: think a bug in h46018 part

On 2010-05-25 15:10 +0400, Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote GNU Gatekeeper Users:

Hi, there is trace 5 from GK and traffic dump.

GY>On 2010-05-25 12:56 +0200, Jan Willamowius wrote openh323gk-users@xxxxxxxxxxxx:
GY>JW>your dump looks like your GnuGk is in direct mode. I know that GnuGk
GY>JW>generally works fine in routed mode, even when H.460.18 is enabled.
GY>JW>Please check a level 5 GnuGk trace to see if your gatekeeper really is
GY>JW>in routed mode. If it is, you must have hit a very special error
GY>JW>condition and to diagnose that, we'll also need a level 5 trace.
GY>Hi, GK in routed mode, and calls work fine if h460 disabled, for now afterl last 
GY>cvs commit work fine with h46018 enabled, but have same behaviour with h46023, i 
GY>will make new dump and trace this night and sed it to you.
GY>JW>Georgiewskiy Yuriy wrote:
GY>JW>> Hi, i think i found a bug in h46018 part of gnugk, call scheme:
GY>JW>> freeswitch-h323->GK-h323->cisco, freeswitch uses mod_h323 based on h323plus library,
GY>JW>> h46018 and h46023 enabled on both gnugk and freeswitch sides. Which happend:
GY>JW>> freeswitch send admission requets to gnugk
GY>JW>> gnugk reply to freeswitch with admissionconfirm with destcallsignaladdress of cisco,
GY>JW>>      after this all signaling between freeswitch and cisco goes directly, on gnugk
GY>JW>>      we have a call in alerting/progrees waiting state until timeout occurces.
GY>JW>> We have GKRouted=1 and H245Routed=1, i think with this settings signaling should 
GY>JW>> goes thorouch gk and gk need send it's own ip in admissionconfirm. we try 
GY>JW>> ProxyAlways=1 and Enable=1 in [Proxy] section with no luck, after this we recompile
GY>JW>> gnugk without h46018/h46023 and calls goes fine after this. i attach dump of traffic
GY>JW>> for this call, therhe is is freeswitch, GK and 
GY>JW>> is cisco.
GY>C уважением                       With Best Regards
GY>Георгиевский Юрий.                Georgiewskiy Yuriy
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C уважением                       With Best Regards
Георгиевский Юрий.                Georgiewskiy Yuriy
+7 4872 711666                    +7 4872 711666
факс +7 4872 711143               fax +7 4872 711143
Компания ООО "Ай Ти Сервис"       IT Service Ltd
http://nkoort.ru                  http://nkoort.ru
JID: GHhost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx JID: GHhost@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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