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Re: unable to call to endpoint behind gatekeeper

Thank you Simon for your suggestion but I don't this this is the issue. The gatekeeper is only a gatekeeper. No additional clients (like PacPhone or ohphone) are installed or used. This is the setup:

Tandberg1---internet---gnugk---internal network----Tandberg2

Tandberg2 is registered to gnugk using it's h323 name "Tandberg2".
Tandberg1 is not registered to gnugk and calls: Tandberg2@xxxxxxxxxxxx

(mydomain.com has SRV records so Tandberg1 finds the gnugk, all firewalls are disabled for this test).

Any other suggestions or did I misunderstood you email.

Thanks for you help,


>>> "Simon Horne" <s.horne@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 02/19/10 9:33 PM >>>
The gatekeeper and the endpoint are on the same box and are listening on the
same TCP port.
This will change its TCP signalling port to being different to the endpoint.


From: Gerrit Jan Werler [mailto:g.werler@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx] 
Sent: Saturday, 20 February 2010 1:46 AM
To: openh323gk-users@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Subject:  unable to call to endpoint behind gatekeeper

I can't get my GnuGK setup to work.
- Internal networks: 12 Tandberg devices
- 1 gatekeeper in the network which is NATed
I'm trying to call from the Internet to a device behind the gatekeeper
(tested Tandberg and PacPhone, both fail).
Firewall on both sides are disabled.
Reading the gnugk log I suspect these lines have something to do with it:
2010/02/19 19:48:07.055 1 ProxyChannel.cxx(4120) Q931d Could not
open/connect Q.931 socket at - error 6/22: Invalid argument
2010/02/19 19:48:07.055 3 ProxyChannel.cxx(3811) Q931 <gnugk external NAT
address>:1720 DIDN'T ACCEPT THE CALL
2010/02/19 19:48:07.055 4 ProxyChannel.cxx(963) Q931 Send to <pacPhone
IP>:4005 {
I hope someone can give some suggestiongs.

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