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[RasSrv::GWRewriteE.164] does'nt rewrite

Hello all.

I am trying to use 2 carriers with a failover between them.
1st nrg wich wants a security prefix to be added do dialed number (9906430914 + 79140016914)
2nd eth wich wants an exact number from me (79140016914)

Here is my logic:




1. [RasSrv::GWRewriteE.164] - does'nt work at all (I have tried to prepend security via [RasSrv::RewriteE164] - it worked) I do not see any prefix in cdr. 
2. I expect a call should be forwarded to nrg - but - no way.

I some posts I have found out that [RasSrv::GWRewriteE.164] does not work with "PermanentEndpoints" so i decided to add a prefix based on "registered originating gateway"



no way.

Please help me to find my mistake
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