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Tandberg VCS and GNU GK compatibility

Hi all,

I am testing the Tandberg VCS and GNU GK in my test environment. I
have setup EP1 (tandberg) registered under GK1 (gnugk), and EP2
(tandberg) registered under GK2 (Tandberg VCS). Both GKs run full
proxy and EPs can't directly talk to each other. There is no
firewall/NAT between two GKs.

My tests show if EP1 dials EP2, all works fine, but if EP2 dials EP1,
the call setups but then GK2 sends a call release immediately. I tried
linking two GKs using "parent" and "neighbor" config, and I also tried
making two GKs separate (unregistered), all with same results.

Has anybody tried using GNU GK with Tandberg VCS before? Is this a
known issue? Is there a workaround?


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