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Re: Patches to jessie 1.0.1 and gnu-crypto 2.0.1

hello Doug,

On Thursday 01 June 2006 21:05, Doug wrote:
> Here are patches for changes I made to compile with jikes, and to
> close some files left open...

thanks for your contribution!

in case you missed the announcement of GNU Crypto merge with GNU 
Classpath, see the top of the page at 

the GNU Classpath project is at 

if possible, it would also be nice, when possible, to include Mauve 
tests that highlight the problem so the patch can be quickly validated.  
GNU Crypto Mauve tests have been added to the Mauve project (crypto 
tests are under the gnu.testlet.gnu.java.security and 
gnu.testlet.gnu.javax.crypto packages) --see 


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